Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More ePIGS clips...

Here are a few more clips from ePIGS for your enjoyment... Clips mostly feature the parts of the movie where we can see the mechanical piglet. Links for the clips: ePigs 01, ePigs 02, ePigs 03

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Aroxol Moth - Paleoskoros

This TVC has been done for Semio Production Cyprus. It is inspired by actual event - escape of some guy from prison by helicopter!!! So - life inspires, doesn't it? Watch the Aroxol TVC

Here is the design for the Aroxol characters.

Tikves Macedonia TVC

Tikves vines are quite nice, specially their chardonney, and here is a TVC which was done for Idea Plus Macedonia via Doktor Productions and director Petar Pasic. Our task was some matte painting, sea simulation for the backgrounds and animation of the vine drop which spreads over the ball dress, and animation of the transformation of the roses, and cloth of the ball dress... You can see it here: Tikves TVC