Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"About Bugs and Heroes" - First shots

Here are some of the first shots done for the film by Director of Photography Ivan Sijak.


About Bugs and Heroes VFX - Behind the Scenes

Shooting of feature film "About Bugs and Heroes" in co-production of Doktor Productions and Fried Pictures has started. It is a second feature film for director Petar Pasic. Screenplay by Dimitrije Vojnov, Nikola Pejakovic and Petar Pasic. Film has two parallel stories and one has CG bugs that are composited over miniature sets, and it has approx. 80 shots in total. Here we show you some of the miniature sets that's we've built for the part with CG bugs, and also some concept designs all done by our production designer Relja Pajic.

More stuff to come soon...